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Why DML Construction?

Has your roof been damaged by the recent hail and windstorms?

DeVonce Construction can help. As part of our service, we will inspect your roof, work with your insurance company to file a claim and repair or replace your roof. Some or all of the costs of repair or replacement may be covered by your homeowner’s policy. Call now for a free inspection 1-888-335-4245.

Do I Qualify for a Roofing Claim?

Several catastrophic hail and windstorms have recently struck the area and your roof may have sustained damage. Homeowners with qualifying damage are receiving new roofs, siding and gutters from their home insurance companies.

Hail or storm damage is not always visible to the untrained eye. That's why it's important to have your roof inspected by a professional who is trained to spot the signs of hail damage. Failure to address it quickly can lead to other problems.

DeVonce Construction is offering a free inspection of your roof and the exterior of your home, including the siding, gutters and A/C units. The inspection only takes a few minutes and there is no obligation to user our service.

As part of our service, DeVonce Construction will:

  • Have a certified inspector inspect your property.
  • Consult with your insurance company to determine scope and cost of the project.
  • Prepare documentation, including photographs of damage, for the insurance adjuster.
  • Replace your roof and restore your home to its original condition.

The Insurance Claim Process:

  1. Contact your agent if you feel you have a loss.
  2. You will be contacted by your insurance claims department by telephone or through the mail.
  3. An adjustor will be assigned to inspect and evaluate the loss.
  4. The claims adjustor should provide you with an itemized explanation or your claim settlement including your deductible amount and depreciation.
  5. Most homeowner policies grant coverage for full replacement cost provided the repairs are actually completed. In these cases, the depreciation is deemed recoverable and the final payment is made after your receipts have been submitted and processed.
  6. Call DeVonce Construction

NOTE: All insurance carriers have their own method of processing claims. This is just a general guideline

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