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In many of the storms we have in this area, DeVonce completely understands the frustrations that come with the damage that ensues from them. More often than not, it’s not just the roof that can be damaged but the gutters may be severely impacted, sometimes falling completely off. In the case of high winds as well as heavy hail, this particular weather can damage the siding of your home as well, also ripping it completely off. In many cases, this entire process, not just the damage of the roof, can be a complete headache for anyone that has been impacted by any of these severe conditions we encounter in our state.

Siding &Amp; Gutters In Ann Arbor, Troy &Amp; Sylvan Lake Mi
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Our company can send out qualified technicians after receiving your information, assess the damage done, and within just a few days could have a competitive price sent to you for comparisons with others. We can even work with you if you’re looking to replace old siding and gutters because of wear and tear. As our customers, knowing we only use the best of the best products from our suppliers and get you the best prices from everywhere we can, you can rest easy being aware that we are your #1 choice to get your gutters repaired and your siding replaced. Call now for a free consultation!

Has your roof been damaged by the recent hail and windstorms?

DeVonce Construction can help. As part of our service, we will inspect your roof, work with your insurance company to file a claim and repair or replace your roof. Some or all of the costs of repair or replacement may be covered by your homeowner’s policy.